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From Doug Cutting <>
Subject comments for Incubator PMC from board
Date Tue, 24 Jan 2012 19:58:56 GMT
Incubator PMC,

Recent reports from your PMC to the board do not appear to have been
thoroughly reviewed.  Prior to submitting your report to the board, the
Incubator PMC should review all podling reports, note problems, and,
when needed, take action.  Direct podling oversight is the
responsibility of the Incubator PMC.

If a podling's reports are inadequate, uninformative or missing then the
Incubator PMC should work to ensure that the podling improve its
reports.  A summary of such actions by your PMC should be included in
the Incubator report.

Please include in next month's report a summary of any new processes you
put in place to better ensure adequate review and oversight of podlings.



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