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From sebb <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS][VOTE] Release ace version 0.8.1-incubator subprojects
Date Thu, 08 Dec 2011 10:39:30 GMT
On 8 December 2011 10:14, Karl Pauls <> wrote:
> The vote on "Release ace version 0.8.1-incubator subprojects" has been
> running for 72h and we didn't see any more votes from IPMC members
> other than the 4 votes we already have from the vote on the ace dev
> list. Given that this release was created specifically because some
> issues with our last release where causing some debate on our "should
> we ask for graduation" vote I really would have hoped that we get some
> feedback on this one -- hence,

I'm not saying this is a big factor in the lack of response, but
normally votes include all the relevant information in the e-mail.
In this case one has to go digging through another e-mail (using an
offsite link as well) to find the details.
The easier it is made for users, the more likely they are to respond.

I'm copying the details below in case that helps anyone else:

After our community graduation vote lead to a lengthy discussion about
the 0.8.0-incubator release we did, we decided to roll a new ACE
release, based on the original release.

In the release we fix the issue that our previous source artifacts did
not contain a pom.xml so building them was hard. You can now download
a single, or all sources, and build them with a single command. Also,
we added an extra artifact that contains the full source code, which
is there for convenience in case someone wants to download all the
sources and start developing from there. We did that in a way that is
somewhat similar to Sling, but instead of using svn:externals we used
Maven to generate this artifact (for more see the README.txt inside
org.apache.ace.release.full 0.8.1-incubator) -- hence,

I would like to call a vote on the following ace 0.8.1-incubator
subproject releases:

ace-pom 0.8.1-incubator org.apache.ace.client.automation
0.8.1-incubator org.apache.ace.client.repository.api 0.8.1-incubator
org.apache.ace.client.repository.helper.base 0.8.1-incubator
org.apache.ace.client.repository.helper.bundle 0.8.1-incubator
org.apache.ace.client.repository.helper.configuration 0.8.1-incubator
org.apache.ace.client.repository.helper.user 0.8.1-incubator
org.apache.ace.client.repository.impl 0.8.1-incubator
org.apache.ace.client.repository.useradmin 0.8.1-incubator
org.apache.ace.configurator 0.8.1-incubator
org.apache.ace.configurator.serveruseradmin 0.8.1-incubator
org.apache.ace.configurator.useradmin.task 0.8.1-incubator
org.apache.ace.consolelogger 0.8.1-incubator
org.apache.ace.deployment.api 0.8.1-incubator
org.apache.ace.deployment.deploymentadmin 0.8.1-incubator
org.apache.ace.deployment.provider.api 0.8.1-incubator
org.apache.ace.deployment.provider.base 0.8.1-incubator
org.apache.ace.deployment.provider.filebased 0.8.1-incubator
org.apache.ace.deployment.provider.repositorybased 0.8.1-incubator
org.apache.ace.deployment.servlet 0.8.1-incubator
org.apache.ace.deployment.streamgenerator 0.8.1-incubator
org.apache.ace.deployment.task 0.8.1-incubator
org.apache.ace.discovery.api 0.8.1-incubator 0.8.1-incubator
org.apache.ace.discovery.upnp 0.8.1-incubator
org.apache.ace.gateway.log 0.8.1-incubator 0.8.1-incubator
org.apache.ace.httplistener 0.8.1-incubator
org.apache.ace.identification.api 0.8.1-incubator
org.apache.ace.identification.ifconfig 0.8.1-incubator 0.8.1-incubator
org.apache.ace.launcher 0.8.1-incubator org.apache.ace.location.upnp
0.8.1-incubator org.apache.ace.log 0.8.1-incubator
org.apache.ace.log.listener 0.8.1-incubator org.apache.ace.log.servlet
0.8.1-incubator org.apache.ace.log.task 0.8.1-incubator
org.apache.ace.managementagent 0.8.1-incubator 0.8.1-incubator
org.apache.ace.nodelauncher.api 0.8.1-incubator
org.apache.ace.nodelauncher.ui 0.8.1-incubator
org.apache.ace.obr.metadata 0.8.1-incubator org.apache.ace.obr.servlet
0.8.1-incubator 0.8.1-incubator
org.apache.ace.range.api 0.8.1-incubator org.apache.ace.release.full
0.8.1-incubator org.apache.ace.repository.api 0.8.1-incubator
org.apache.ace.repository.ext 0.8.1-incubator
org.apache.ace.repository.impl 0.8.1-incubator
org.apache.ace.repository.servlet 0.8.1-incubator
org.apache.ace.repository.task 0.8.1-incubator
org.apache.ace.resourceprocessor.useradmin 0.8.1-incubator
org.apache.ace.scheduler 0.8.1-incubator org.apache.ace.scheduler.api
0.8.1-incubator org.apache.ace.server.action 0.8.1-incubator
org.apache.ace.server.action.popupmessage 0.8.1-incubator 0.8.1-incubator
org.apache.ace.tageditor 0.8.1-incubator 0.8.1-incubator 0.8.1-incubator 0.8.1-incubator org.apache.ace.util
0.8.1-incubator org.apache.ace.webconsole.plugin 0.8.1-incubator
org.apache.ace.webui.vaadin 0.8.1-incubator

Staging repositories:


Verify: You can download the keys used to sign the release from:

Download: You can use this UNIX script to download the release and
verify the signatures:

Usage: sh 259 /tmp/ace-staging

Build: Find the source-release.{zip|tar.gz} in the /tmp/ace-staging
and follow the README.txt. If you want to build all in one go, start
with: /tmp/ace-staging/259/org/apache/ace/org.apache.ace.release.full/0.8.1-incubator/

Get all source and build with one download:

Please vote to approve this release:

[ ] +1 Approve the release
[ ] -1 Veto the release (please provide specific comments)


> I'm going to give it another 24h but if I don't see any other votes
> nor any request for more time (as I appreciate that it is a big
> release) I'm going to call this vote successful based on the 4 IPMC
> member votes we did already get. In that case, however, I don't want
> to see it debated again during graduation i.e., speak now or forever
> hold your peace.
> regards,
> Karl
> On Sun, Dec 4, 2011 at 10:56 PM, Karl Pauls <> wrote:
>> This is the second release of the ace incubator project called ace
>> version 0.8.1-incubator subprojects releases.
>> For details of the release see the original vote thread:
>> We have already received 4 binding IPMC votes during the PPMC voting
>> below. I'd like to continue the vote on general@ now to get the IPMC
>> approval -- hence,
>> Please vote to approve this release.
>> On Sun, Dec 4, 2011 at 10:36 PM, Karl Pauls <> wrote:
>>> Time to call the vote on the ace version 0.8.1-incubator subprojects releases.
>>> * +1 votes from Marcel Offermans***, Jean-Baptiste Onofré***, Toni
>>> Menzel*, Bram de Kruijff, Angelo van der Sijpt*, Carsten Ziegeler***,
>>> and Karl Pauls***.
>>> * No other votes
>>> The vote is successful. I will approach the Incubator PMC for approval.
>>> * == PPMC
>>> ** == IPMC
>>> *** == PPMC + IPMC
> --
> Karl Pauls
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
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