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From sebb <>
Subject Re: Feedback on updated NOTICE and LICENSE files (was: [VOTE] Release Kafka 0.7.0-incubating)
Date Sat, 03 Dec 2011 02:01:21 GMT
On 2 December 2011 20:51, Jakob Homan <> wrote:
> OK.  Looking at the current Apache releases, I notice that Apache
> Abdera seems to have a pretty comprehensive NOTICE file that appears
> to cover all the files within the release: Can we
> consider this to be a template for improving our own?

No, that NOTICE file is a very bad example to follow.

It has a spurious header:

// ------------------------------------------------------------------
// NOTICE file corresponding to the section 4d of The Apache License,
// Version 2.0, in this case for Apache Abdera
// ------------------------------------------------------------------

and also includes lots of unnecessary stuff, for example

This product includes/uses software(s) developed by 'Apache Software
Foundation' (

The NOTICE file is only for *included* software; and only for non-ASF
software because ASF code is included by
the following paragraph, which is supposed to follow the product name header.

This product includes software developed at
The Apache Software Foundation (

It looks like the NOTICE file was autogenerated by an old version of
Maven plugin (because of the bad header) and not reviewed.

There is a sample NOTICE file linked [1] from ASF Source Header and
Copyright Notice Policy [2]


> This would also imply that there would be two NOTICE files for
> projects that release binary distributions.  One for the regular
> release, and an augmented one for the binary release?
> Interestingly, a quick glance at the other Apache projects beginning
> with A shows that while Ant is in compliance (doesn't ship any
> external jars) and Aries has a lot of strange artifacts that I'm not
> sure how to search, all the other active A projects (4/6) of them are
> out of compliance with this rule regarding binary releases, as I
> understand it. Activemq has lots of jars (jasypt-1.7.jar,
> josql-1.5.jar, stax-1.2.0.jar, etc.) but a barebones NOTICE, archiva
> has 162 jars and only two additional notes in NOTICE, avro ships
> avro-csharp-1.6.1.tar.gz that doesn't even have a NOTICE or LICENSE
> and Axis has lots of jars (saaj.jar, wsdl4j-1.5.1.jar,
> wsdl4j-1.5.1.jar, etc.).  So I hope it's clear why it's frustrating to
> have this rule suddenly pop up when it's apparently not enforced in
> the majority of cases (and then to be asked to go and open JIRAs for
> each of these projects on top of it).
> -Jakob
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