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From Patrick Hunt <>
Subject Re: Feedback on updated NOTICE and LICENSE files (was: [VOTE] Release Kafka 0.7.0-incubating)
Date Mon, 05 Dec 2011 22:25:57 GMT
On Mon, Dec 5, 2011 at 1:56 PM, Jakob Homan <> wrote:
>> There is a sample NOTICE file linked [1] from ASF Source Header and
>> Copyright Notice Policy [2]
>> [1]
>> [2]
> As someone trying to generate these documents, I'm actually finding
> these to be poor examples when trying to see what should and should
> not be in NOTICE.  On
>, under NOTICE
> file, there is "The remainder of the NOTICE file is to be used for
> required third-party notices." with a link to "What Are Required
> Third-party Notices?" However, this text doesn't talk about NOTICE,
> but LICENSE: Apache releases should contain a copy of each license,
> usually contained in the LICENSE document.
> And the httpd NOTICE doesn't provide many examples (there are only
> three non-Apache items listed).  These don't answer questions such as:
> Do other Apache projects need to be listed in NOTICE as well (which
> was answered in the email exchange above, but as such won't of much
> use to the next Podling that comes along), or Do other Apache projects
> need to be noted in the LICENSE file (not answered here, that I can
> see), or How to include reference 3rd party jars in the LICENSE file
> that are also Apache 2.0 licensed?
> Casting about for an example more relevant, I come across Whirr's 0.4
> release, which was +1'ed from Incubator and take a look at its
> NOTICE.txt (from
> Apache Whirr
> Copyright 2010-2011 The Apache Software Foundation
> This product includes software developed at
> The Apache Software Foundation (
> And then the jars that are included in the source distribution:
> ./services/cassandra/lib/apache-cassandra-0.7.0.jar
> ./services/cassandra/lib/libthrift-0.5.jar
> ./services/hadoop/lib/hadoop-test-0.20.3-SNAPSHOT.jar
> ./services/voldemort/lib/linkedin-voldemort-0.90.RC3.jar
> Voldemort was not developed at the ASF and isn't listed in NOTICE.
> This candidate was +1ed and released. Was this in error?

Personally I don't believe whirr is in error. Voldemort is under
Apache 2.0 license, and as such falls under this:


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