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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: Can (Podling) Projects collect funds through certification programs?
Date Wed, 14 Dec 2011 14:46:34 GMT
In general, the ASF does not accept targeted donations, nor does it 
allow it's projects (or podlings) to perform their own independent 
fundraising activities.  Our general fundraising policy is that any 
donations are to the ASF as a whole, and not to individual projects or 

Our projects/podlings are certainly welcome to link to and encourage 
users to visit our Donations or Sponsorship pages.

As other IPMC members have noted separately, projects/podlings may have 
a separate page on their sites that lists various third parties who 
offer services, consulting, training, certification, or the like around 
their specific software product; that may include commercial third 
parties.  Such listings should *not* be advertisements - they should be 
links with brief descriptions (or similar) that are useful to users or 
contributors to that particular project/podling's software or community.

Does that all help?

A useful page to read about how a PPMC might decide what links to put on 
pages like this is here:

Healthy Apache projects recognize that having an ecosystem of volunteers 
and commercial companies working on/with/around their software is 
helpful both for our users and for the Apache project itself.  We are 
happy to let our user communities know about the work of these other 
volunteers and companies - as long as it's done in a factual way, and 
doesn't imply endorsement or approval of any specific companies over 
other ones.

- Shane

On 2011-12-13 5:23 AM, wrote:
> How does the ASF deal with requests from companies that would like to get a
> certificate as reseller of a software?
> Are (Podling) Projects allowed to organize a "Certification" program for
> distributors and collect funds for their project that way?
> Collecting funds that way is a common way of Open Source projects, also
> Apache has a sponsor page et cetera. However the companies listed there
> contribute to the Foundation in general.
> The question is if each project of the foundation additionally can have its
> own Gold, Silver, et cetera Sponsorship program.
> Or for example can collect funds from a list of "partners" similar to for
> example
> Thanks
> Sebastian

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