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From Marvin Humphrey <>
Subject Simplifying repository permissions
Date Thu, 08 Dec 2011 05:18:18 GMT

Roy Fielding posted here in general@incubator a few weeks ago urging that all
podling committers be unified into a single group for the purposes of ASF
repository permissions:

    I *suggest* that incubator change the procedure such that all committers
    (or at least all committers within a single LDAP group) have access to all
    incubator areas and that new people simply be requested to only commit
    within areas for which they have been given permission by the podling

The Apache Lucy PPMC has now voted to go one further and grant all ASF
Committers access to our corner of the ASF common repository.


    There are two primary rationales for making this change.  First, we make
    life easier for Infra -- especially if other projects follow our lead.
    Second, we lower the barrier to entry for other ASF committers to
    contribute to Lucy.

Is it practical to delete the line enumerating Lucy's committers from
asf-authorization-template, and to change the permissions for /incubator/lucy
to be either "@committers = rw" or "@incubator = rw"?  We would like to
implement our resolution to the fullest extent possible within the practical
constraints of the Incubator.

Some concerns were raised during the followups to Roy's post about
machine-readable records of committers/PPMC members, but it does not seem as
though any such machine-readable document exists today which is definitive
regarding PPMC composition -- or even podling committership ranks, since
odftoolkit does not have a line in asf-authorization-template. For what it's
worth, we maintain our Committer/PPMC roster at


Marvin Humphrey

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