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From Henri Yandell <>
Subject Re: Actively retiring projects (was: Incubator Board Report November 2011)
Date Fri, 18 Nov 2011 06:23:52 GMT
On Wed, Nov 16, 2011 at 12:36 PM, Sam Ruby <> wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 15, 2011 at 11:41 PM, Noel J. Bergman <> wrote:
>> We are, however, recognizing that we've had growth issues of our own.  As
>> David Crossley pointed out, he made mistakes last month related to the
>> Reporting Schedule, and we continue to have issues.  The Incubator is almost
>> as big as the rest of the ASF combined.  David posted a plot chart
>> reflecting our growth:
> Excellent plot chart.  As with most plot charts, the end result is a
> Rorschach test.  I'll tell you what I (personally) see in this chart:
> a failure to perform garbage collection.  My personal perspective is
> that incubation shouldn't generally take more than a year.  That
> doesn't mean that there won't be exceptions, and in a few rare cases,
> some that go well beyond that arbitrary time limit, but the point is
> that those should be the exception rather than the rule.

Now that time is freeing up a tiny bit, I need to document a thread
from August that would put pressure on projects who haven't done their
IP handling. I'm less worried about a podling who haven't graduated
after 12 months and more worried about a podling who haven't managed
to get their CLAs right within 3 months. We still have far too many
podlings who haven't signed off on that (first) part of their

So +1 in sentiment, but a different focus.


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