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From Benson Margulies <>
Subject Re: should podlings have informal chairs?
Date Thu, 24 Nov 2011 12:50:36 GMT
I will offer a theory in response to Hoss.

The incubator has a particular and critical role in the success of the
Foundations. Projects that start well are likelier to continue well.

>From this, you might argue along with Hoss that the Board, burned once
by problems with delegated supervision, should not try it again.

However, there are some differences:

o the IPMC is almost entirely Foundation members. (I confess that, on
some days, reading members@ leaves me feeling that this is awfully

o the Board is specifically and intentionally delegating this
supervision, and will be in a position to monitor whether it works.

o there's a category error here: from a structural standpoint, the
entire incubator is One Project, so there's no (formal, legal)
delegation going on.

On the other hand, I've already written about my qualms about >100
people self-organizing to accomplish anything in a completely flat
structure. If this proposal goes into place, we've got, what, 20-30 of
these monitor (lizards). Who's monitoring them?

Still, I think this is a better plan that the current situation.

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