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From "Franklin, Matthew B." <>
Subject RE: [VOTE] Accept Openmeetings to Apache Incubator
Date Thu, 10 Nov 2011 21:36:49 GMT
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>-----Original Message-----
>From: Andrus Adamchik []
>Sent: Tuesday, November 08, 2011 1:54 AM
>Subject: [VOTE] Accept Openmeetings to Apache Incubator
>Opemeetings proposal has been discussed a few times here before. The
>group of developers behind it worked hard (and succeeded) to address all
>potential obstacles to the Incubator acceptance and to the following
>incubation. They even went an extra mile and collected all ICLAs in adbvance.
>So now I am starting the vote to accept Openmeetings to Apache Incubator.
>The proposal is also available at:
>Please cast your votes:
>[ ] +1 Accept Openmeetings for incubation
>[ ] +0 Don't care
>[ ] -1 Reject for the following reason:
>The vote is open for 72 hours.
>Andrus Adamchik
>Apache Cayenne ORM:
>== OpenMeetings Project Proposal ==
>== Abstract ==
>Openmeetings is a web conferencing solution.
>== Proposal ==
>Openmeetings provides video conferencing, instant messaging, white board,
>collaborative document editing and other groupware tools using API functions
>of the Red5 Streaming Server for Remoting and Streaming.
>== Background ==
>Openmeetings was developed since 2007 by Sebastian Wagner and willing
>developers. The project ships a release approximately once per quarter. It
>was developed using LGPL license, and developers are currently thinking of
>re-licensing it under Apache License 2.0.
>The project started as module by Sebastian Wagner for an ELearning platform
>(Dokeos) and was then split into a separated project. That is the reason why
>there is a strong relation to educational institutions that are using
>OpenMeetings and there are integrations for platforms like Moodle, ATutor,
>Sakai, STudIP or ILias available
>( The relation
>to educational institutions also subsequently lead to some projects funded by
>the EU where OpenMeetings was involved, for example by the
>Swedish/Finnish Centre of Open-Source !OpenKarken (Case-Study about the
>EU project at
>collaborate-using-oss )
>The integration and internationalization of the project was a primary focus
>right from the start of the project. Since Version 0.5 there is a Language-Editor
>( to edit
>labels, export and import them as XML and you can use those XML files for
>future installations (or contribute it to the community). There are currently
>around 30 languages available.  Since version 0.5.1 there is also a SOAP API to
>integrate !OpenMeetings. We constantly improve this SOAP/REST API
>( with new
>functionality with a strong focus on security and usability. The auth-mechnism
>is quite similar to OAuth, you create some token and then assign rights to the
>token. (Documentation for Single Sign On:
>The project name "!OpenMeetings" and logos are inspired by Ludovic Gasc
>who has been the project manager at Dokeos at the time Sebastian split
>!OpenMeetings as separated project.
>Red5 Server provides an "Edge-Orion-Clustering"
>figuration).  We hope to extend this clustering solution with support for rtmpt
>and  rtmps and integrate that into our application as native clustering  option.
>== Rationale ==
>Last year most major vendors started commercial web conferencing solutions.
>This is an important part of software ecosystem, and there is an urge to
>consolidate open source development efforts in this direction.
>According to several studies demand for synchronous Communication, in
>opposite to asynchronous Communication like wiki's or email, will raise the
>upcoming years. For example Gartner promises that 2011 the market will grow
>20% according to their "Magic Quadrant" report 2010 (
> ).
>Openmeetings is a unique solution in terms of patent purity and potentially
>can grow into solution built on top of the fully open source stack. That is why it
>is a good candidate for consolidating web conferencing community efforts.
>== Initial Goals ==
>Each of project committers has their own set of goals, but we all share the
> * Move to Apache.
> * Become popular.
>To become popular we plan to do the following.
> * Improve ecosystem around the project.
> * Improve release process.
> * Improve project testing and stability.
> * Apply modular architecture/SOA for better integration with other projects.
>== Current Status ==
>We have agreed on applying for the Apache Foundation and preparing our
>proposal for the vote.
>Technical status of the project is: Current stable tree is 1.8.x, Trunk is 1.9.
>=== Meritocracy ===
>Developers community is successfully driven by consensus now. If there are
>more developers on board, consensus may turn into meritocracy.
>=== Community ===
>The developer community is active. The mailing list is active with dozens of
>messages every day, mostly user support topics.
>Currently the User Mailing list has over 1000 members, the dev-list has around
>=== Core Developers ===
>Sebastian has started the application 07/2006. Current development team
>counts 21 programmers from Germany, Russia, China, India and South
>=== Alignment ===
>The project provides a safe ground for Apache for entering a complex field of
>video streaming. It avoids complex patenting issues by using proprietary
>Adobe Flash. From the other side it may grow into independent solution
>because it uses OpenLaszlo RIA framework rather than a particular proprietary
>vendor language, and after framework evolves can use other frontend
>representations such as javascript.
>== Known Risks ==
>=== Orphaned Projects ===
>Openmeetings project has developed a sufficient functionality to be a popular
>solution for a small businesses. The number of site visits of the googlecode
>project website increased to 50.000 in October 2011 which is a good sign of
>people interest. The overall statistics for the last 4 years shows around 4 mio
>pageviews (google-analytics graphic:http://wagner-
>  We believe that visitors convert to users,
>and users convert to developers in some standard rate.
>=== Inexperience With Open Source ===
>Two committers have GSoC experience. One committer is an Apache
>committer. The project exists since 07/2008 already as an open source project
>hosted at !GoogleCode
>=== Reliance On Salaried Developers ===
>Some contributors get paid from Openmeetings-based consultancy.
>=== Relationships with Other Apache Products ===
>Web application part of Openmeetings runs under Apache Tomcat. It uses
>Apache Commons and Apache Velocity. Red5 server uses a lot of Apache
>components, including Apache Mina. !OpenMeetings itself uses Apache Axis2
>for the SOAP / REST API. !OpenMeetings was reworked to use Apache
>OpenJPA instead of Hibernate. Since revision 4000 (version 1.8) all
>dependencies to Hibernate have been removed from the source.
>=== An Excessive Fascination with the Apache Brand ===
>The Apache Foundation is the home of vendor neutral and industry standard
>software. By joining the Foundation we will apply Apache's Release and
>Licensing Standards to our product. Doing that we will improve our release
>processes, quality standards and it should give a planning reliability to our end
>users. But our main motivation is that our project is about collaboration,
>communication and enabling people to easily interact with each other. We
>think that the "Apache Way" of community driven software development
>with flat hierarchy and transparency in decision and design will reflect best
>those core activities of our software.
>Well, or course we want our project to be alive, and useful. Several
>contributors have former experience with Apache Harmony project (which
>previously has been known as SourceForge ORP project). Apache brand is
>really helpful compared to SourceForge brand for community building and
>getting support from commercial companies. From the other side
>org.apache.harmony story shows that the brand cannot help when there no
>community remain. Hence we try to keep people interested, and the product
>developed at the first place, thus supporting Apache brand fame with good
>== Initial Source ==
> *
>=== External Dependencies ===
>Adobe Flash (by means of !OpenLaszlo) and open source projects compliant
>with current Apache policy. The UI code is compiled by using !OpenLaszlo, not
>by using Adobe products. !OpenLaszlo is licenced under the CPL.
>!OpenLaszlo's concept is that you write the code in a XML based approach, it is
>possible to compile the output to Flash or DHTML/HTML5. So on the long run it
>might be possible to replace the Flash UI with a DHTML one. But as there is
>little multimedia support in HTML5 especially for Webcam and Microphone
>access it is not possible yet to prevent using Flash in general. The needed
>Real-Time Communication could be done using Ajax and HTTP-Push
>mechanisms like Comet instead of AMF which is currently used.
>For Flash Streaming Red5 is used ( ). Red5 is
>currently a LGPL licensed Software based on Apache Tomcat / Apache MINA
>and Spring. Red5 will change to APL very soon, they already internally
>discussed that some time ago and voted on it:
>Dependcies to Red5 API as graphs: Java Web-Start application (Screen-Sharing
>and Recording)
>history/r4162/docs/Red5.webstart.png Java Web-Application
>history/r4162/docs/Red5.webapp.png ).
>=== Cryptography ===
>OpenMeetings can be deployed using HTTPS and RTMPS (Flash Streaming and
>Remoting over SSL):
>= Required Resources =
>Subversion Directory:
>Issue Tracking: JIRA (OPENMEETINGS)
>Required Mailing lists:
> *
> *
> *
>Wiki, Webspace: Confluence or similar software where we can integrate our
>current wiki and documentation
>Other Resources:
>Continuous integration and Nightly Builds may eventually require hardware
>We are currently hosted on googlecode. There was an option in googlecode
>available to transfer a googlecode project to Apache. We would like to ask the
>hosting staff at Googlecode if they could maybe give us advice how we can
>easily get a copy of our project to import it into the new project space at
>== Initial Committers ==
> * Sebastian Wagner <seba.wagner at gmail dot com>
> * Oliver Becherer (smoeker) <ich at oliver-becherer dot name>
> * Rodion Volkov <volkov.rodion at gmail dot com>
> * Alexei Fedotov <aaf at apache dot org>
> * Evgeny Rovinsky <e.rovinsky at gmail dot com>
> * Maxim Solodovnik < solomax666 at gmail dot com >
> * Sascha Xander < sascha.xander at googlemail dot com >
> * Johnny Strom <johnny.strom at osp dot fi>
> * Eugen Schwert < eugen.schwert at googlemail dot com >
>If any other existing Apache or Openmeetings committers would like to be
>grandfathered into the list then feel free to ask.
>= Sponsors =
>=== Champion ===
> * Andrus Adamchik <aadamchik at apache dot org>
>=== Mentors ===
>Volunteers, please.
> * Alexei Fedotov <aaf at apache dot org>
> * Jim Jagielski <jim at apache dot org>
> * Ross Gardler <rgardler at apache dot org>
> * Yegor Kozlov <yegor at apache dot org>
>=== Sponsoring Entity ===
>We would like to ask the Incubator PMC to sponsor Openmeetings.
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