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From Christian Grobmeier <>
Subject Re: [SITE] navigation
Date Thu, 13 Oct 2011 14:26:36 GMT
>> Unfortunately the pdf is not free and so we cannot look what exactly
>> has an impact.
> Sorry, here is a free link:

Thank you very much, I will read it pretty soon

>> Because, if some links are marked visited, and some - even when read - are
>> not, how does this play into game?
> That happens with exactly the same link, i.e. not anchors?  If so, that sounds
> like something which ought to be addressed independently.

Yes, I think the same. Basically I am not very keen on changing link
colors, but i am not really against it, if the colors look good. But I
want to make sure, if we change the color, even when scrolling over a
page with anchors the corresponding links are marked "visited". I have
suggested to try the scrollspy for this:
After done, I can accept it better.

>> And for which kind of websites does this research apply on?
> The research was done on groups of red and blue words in isolation: think the
> navigation menu extracted out of the web page.
> As such, it has broad application to just about all websites and also to
> similar visual navigation systems.

Well - what does that mean? We need a high contrast in visited/not?

I am unsure about what you said on "all websites" - looking at
Facebook, Google+, lots of blogs I read this seems not be common usus.
I might be wrongt, but this is my impression.

>> Have you read it?
> Sure, I've read it.  I used to be a graphic designer, but I was the kind who
> liked to back up my prejudices with usability studies.  Not that the citations
> always persuaded people who held opposite prejudices.  ;)

Sorry, it sounded harsh. I just wanted to get out some more
information of this. Now I can read it myself. In prime time I study
psychology and because of that this is very interesting to me also.
Thanks again for digging out that link.

> Personally, I find it irritating when I click on the back button and I'm
> swimming in a large web page and can't reorient myself easily to where I left
> off because visited link color is not differentiated.

I agree, but think that we have bigger problems than the link colors.
Duplicate navigation etc, have written my 2 cents in other threads

> However, you're putting in all the time here, and to echo Ant Elder once
> again, I don't want to get in your way.  So: -0 on not differentiating visited
> links.

Oh no, I sounded to harsh. Actually it seems I work already to long on
this task and should step back a little bit (too much emotions). You
are definitely not getting in my way and I appreciate the competent
feedback of which I can learn much. Please keep on doing that. I
apologize if my wording gave you a bad feeling.


> Keep up the good work,
> Marvin Humphrey
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