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From Christian Grobmeier <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Layout change - remove the right table
Date Mon, 10 Oct 2011 14:58:55 GMT
>> - 95+ visible links on a webpage visible navigation is a mess for me.
> It's not much longer than the LHS navigation, and would be a similar
> length if the non-project entries were removed as previously proposed.

It not about length. Its about confusion level. 40 links on the left,
40 on the right and 10 in the middle is short, but confusing.

>>  - The list of projects is nothing else than a menu which is opened by
>> default. Two different standard ways (projects/index.html and sidebar)
>> lead to the same information - it is a duplicate navigation.
> The problem I have is that projects/index.html is not easy to
> navigate, because the page is *much* longer than the RHS list.
> It's longer even if the non-active podlings were moved to a separate page.

Then we should put some work on projects/index.html and make it
better, instead of creating a duplicated navigation.

>> This is a
>> mess to, at least what I have learned about web navigation. Hard to
>> navigate, except you learned it.
> There's nothing difficult about the current RH links.

Duplicated navigation is always difficult, especially when you hit the
page for the first time of your life. A page navigation must be as
easy as possible, this is simply not the case.

>> - Instead we should provide one standard navigation way (as many other websites)
> Choice is not necessarily bad.

It is when it comes to website navigation, then then it is more than
bad. It makes your visitors go away.

>> and a new idea, we should provide breadcrumbs.
> Those are hard to get right.

Well, what to say? Yes, but actually a page like i.a.o should have it.
Its a complex page.

>> - There is even more I would change, now thinking about it:
>> - Entry Guides has just one item: Proposal Guide. proposal guide
>> should be the main item, Entry guides need to be removed.
>> - Entry guides link to,
>> which duplicates navigation from the main left.
>> - The "other guides" navigation item is named "General Incubator
>> Guides" at the site.
>> - Alternative: Entry guides can stay as table of content for guides
>> and the "podling guides" navigation and the "Other guides" navigation
>> must disappear.
>> - "Status of the Clutch" and the sub item "Current Podling Status"
>> links to the same page. Make only one item, everything else is
>> confusing.
>> Thats exactly what I mean with a mess. Hope it clarifies a bit, b/c I
>> thought about it a pretty long time.
> I agree that the LHS menu is confusing and messy, but for me, the RHS
> list is simple and useful.

Ok, for you. Not me. I believe people coming from outside are confused
by this navigation too. Of course I cannot prove it, but all the
website I like have easier navigation.


>> Cheers,
>> Christian
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