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From Mohammad Nour El-Din <>
Subject Re: Moving the incubator web site to the CMS
Date Mon, 24 Oct 2011 12:18:24 GMT
Hi Sebb...

   Apologies for being away from this thread, is there any place where
I can help in this task ?

I noticed other threads related to this one, I am also having a look at it.

On Tue, Sep 20, 2011 at 12:24 PM, sebb <> wrote:
> On 20 September 2011 04:24, David Crossley <> wrote:
>> sebb wrote:
>>> Mohammad Nour El-Din
>>> >sebb wrote:
>>> >>
>>> >> Also, what about clutch? That currently depends on being able to read
>>> >> some XML files.
>>> >
>>> > Although I have another long term idea for that, but it can be updated
>>> > to read the relevant pages of Incubator CMS, and I am also very
>>> > willing to help in that.
>> Parts of Clutch have been modified at various occasions
>> to gather its data and hints from other places.
>> It currently gets facts from
>> and from the xml source for
>> Then it tries to get some hints from the xml source of
>> each podling status page. Then it uses those gathered hints
>> to detect whether the various project resources are available.
>> After the move to CMS, it could parse the generated html instead.
>> As Sebb indicates, the Markdown source files would not be easy.
>>> I think we should base clutch on a separate simple summary file, which
>>> is then used to create various aspects of the CMS site, as well as
>>> being used for other purpose. The CMS syntax is very flexible, and
>>> harder to parse.
>>> Having a purpose-designed podling status file would make Clutch's job
>>> much easier, as well as being easier to edit.
>>> For example, now when a podling graduates, the entry has to be moved
>>> from one section to another.
>>> A dedicated status file would just required changing the status entry.
>> Yes. However, could we please make it so that
>> that summary file is separate to Clutch.
> Agreed.
>> The summary file needs other reasons for being,
>> which might also encourage it to be well-maintained.
> My intention was originally for it to be the source of the projects
> page, i.e. it would be directly updated by podlings, and used to
> generate the projects index page and the RHS links. One file to update
> instead of two, though podlings would still need to update their own
> pages as at present.
> It would need to contain the following as a minimum:
> Project         Description     Apache Sponsor  Mentors         Started [Ended]
> If it's decided to use DOAPs for individual podling status pages, then
> the description and perhaps other fields could be automatically taken
> from the DOAP and merged into the summary file. It might even be
> possible to create the entire file from the DOAPs, but it might still
> be useful to list the podling names as a cross-check, and for historic
> projects it would be easier not to have to create DOAPS.
> It would then only be necessary to update the summary file when the
> podling status changed: creation, graduation, retirement or
> hibernation, assuming that is not done in the DOAP files themselves.
>> I am running low on volunteer time, but will attempt to
>> adjust Clutch to follow the CMS changes, taking small
>> steps where possible.
> Once the new file format is decided, futher changes to Clutch should be minimal.
>> -David
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- Mohammad Nour
"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving"
- Albert Einstein

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