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From sebb <>
Subject New bootstrap CSS messes up display of all internal name definitions
Date Tue, 11 Oct 2011 19:50:02 GMT
The new CSS changes the default setting for links, by removing
underlines unless the mouse hovers over the link.

However, this has broken all the internal name definitions.
These now look like links - they are blue, and get underlined when hovered over.

See for example [1] where the table headings are blue (they should be black).
But just about every file also has similar headings that are now broken.

I've no idea whether it is possible for CSS to distinguish between <a
href="#xxx"> and <a name="xyz">.

One way to fix this would be to change the site generation Anakia
stylesheet to use:

<h3 id='incubator'>
   1. Incubation

rather than:

   <a name="incubator">1. Incubation</a>

However, this will affect nearly every single html file, so before I
commit this change and flood the commits list with e-mails, is there a
CSS-expert who can confirm whether or not it's possible to change the
behaviour of <a href> without affecting <a name> ?

[I realise that the name attribute is deprecated, but the id attribute
behaves exactly the same.]


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