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From sebb <>
Subject Re: Clutch blue-green background colour obscures entries
Date Wed, 12 Oct 2011 02:27:05 GMT
On 12 October 2011 03:14, David Crossley <> wrote:
> sebb wrote:
>> Clutch uses a blue-green background colour for satisfactory entries.
>> However, many entries include clickable blue links which are not very
>> distinct from the background.
>> I suggest changing the background to light green (#90EE90) which works
>> much better for me.
>> See the sample lines for Ace and Airavata at
>> OK to change that?
> This colour scheme was carefully chosen to assist
> with colour-blindness.
> I have been meaning to find the old discussion and
> development here about that, and add to Clutch notes.


> It used to have decent contrast for the links.

Sorry, should have checked that out.
I've already rebuilt the original site to check the strange header
behaviour, and indeed the table used to display very well.

> Now the new "bootsrap" CSS has changed link colour
> to be a lighter blue. It has also changed the "visited link"
> colour to be the same (which is poor design).
> I started yesterday to develop some CSS to fix that
> for this table, but really it is an overall site issue.


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