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From Robert Burrell Donkin <>
Subject Trademark Kill Searches...
Date Tue, 25 Oct 2011 20:33:48 GMT
The trademark task[1] seemed a little dated to me - especially since
the brand team started focusing on trademarks[2] - and poorly
documented. So, I started looking into improvements...

(Apologies in advance for presenting my views here on some initial
discussions on the private trademark lists. Members are encouraged to

Just passing everything onto the brand team is likely to stretch the
resources they have available. So, I think the Incubator needs to
remain involved in the process. Reporting facts in public is fine but
interpretation is tricky and best discussed in private[3] with experts
available. So, the brand team also needs to be involved. My proposed
starting point is that an improved process should separate the public
(Incubator community) from the private (Brand community).

Rat needs to perform it's kill search[4]. So I thought we might be
able to use that as a worked example to grow an improved process.

Opinions? Objections? Improvements? Comments?


[1] "Make sure that the requested project name does not already exist
and check to be sure that the name is not already
trademarked for an existing software product."
[3] Public speculation may be relevant in court
[4] AIUI this is the usual name for our task

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