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From Flavio Junqueira <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] S4 for the Apache Incubator
Date Thu, 15 Sep 2011 21:34:15 GMT
Hi everyone, To introduce myself, I'm a ZooKeeper committer and PMC  
member. I'm used to the process of selecting committers for ZooKeeper,  
but I'm new to the incubator process, so I would appreciate if the  
community could shed some light here.

I have read the guide to participation:

and I understand from there that people shouldn't simply jump in as an  
initial committer without a short introduction and without  
acknowledgment from the proposer. Thanks to the ones who followed the  
protocol and introduced themselves.

Our expectation when we submitted the proposal was that the initial  
set of committers would comprise the people who have initially  
contributed to get the current code to this stage, and we were not  
expecting arbitrary requests to join the initial list of committers.  
Of course, as a potential Apache project (now potentially incubator,  
but looking forward to being TLP in the future), we are ready to work  
towards building a community, which includes granting the status of  
committer to contributors. However, we'd like new committers to earn  
their status by showing commitment to the community and demonstrating  
technical merit.

We understand that it is important to have other people who are  
experienced with ASF to mentor the project, and we don't want to drive  
these people away or anyone else who is willing to contribute.  
Committership and mentorship sound like different issues, though, and  
we would like committership in general (ASF experienced or not) to be  

I was also checking some other threads that discuss the issue, and I  
believe my message reflects some of the points in previous threads, so  
I'm linking them here:

What exactly is expected and how should we proceed?


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