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From Doug Meil <>
Subject Re: Accumulo incubator proposal: Statement of Concern
Date Thu, 08 Sep 2011 01:58:07 GMT

Thanks Phil, much appreciated.

On 9/7/11 12:19 PM, "Phillip Rhodes" <> wrote:

>> I think that the ASF and ASF incubator leadership should consider it a
>> priority to foster such communication.  And this means asking the
>> questions I asked before, e.g,. "you guys are trying to do the same
>> as...  Have you talked them?"  Consider it "Open-Source Project
>> Parenting."
>FWIW, while I agree that it's fine to have multiple "competing" projects,
>I do
>very much agree with this sentiment... encouraging some (at least initial)
>inter-project communication would probably be a Good Thing.   Who
>knows, it may turn out to be the case that the HBase crew are wildly
>in this stuff, and this project can be be part of HBase from day 0.
>Or not that, but
>maybe there are some natural avenues for sharing
>At a minimum, I think encouraging the two groups to do a little
>chatting is a positive.
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