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From David Lutterkort <>
Subject [VOTE] release deltacloud 0.4.0, rc4
Date Wed, 24 Aug 2011 23:57:18 GMT
Hi all,

I just uploaded the third release candidate for Deltacloud 0.4.0. The rc is
available from

Please vote on the release candidate by Saturday, 2011-08-27 15:00 PDT

svn tag:

The rc4 differs from rc3 only in that missing license headers were added
to files needing them, and that toplevel NOTICE and LICENSE files were
schecked into svn.

The rc3 differs from rc2 in the following:
             1. Rename parameter 'blob' back to 'blob_id' in create blob
                operation to maintain backwards compatibility
             2. deltacloudd: support daemonizing
             3. Drivers:
                      * Eucalyptus: make create_firewall_rule and
                        delete_firewall_rule work
                      * RHEV-M: improve exception handling
                      * Mock: refactored driver to fix various bugs, and
                        to make it an easier to understand example of
                        how a driver works
                      * Condor: ddded support files and configs for
                        condor driver
             4. Update/correct copyright and licensing info, based on
                feedback from Sebb
             5. Add ASF incubator logo and disclaimer to project site
             6. Various fixes in the HTML UI
             7. Added rake task 'routes' to print all routes
             8. Client:
                      * fix formatting of instance addresses (Mark
                      * do not require lib/base_object to avoid

The rc2 differs from rc1 in only two small changes:
     1. Fix cucumber tests that failed because of the version bump
     2. Fix an issue where POST requests containing matrix params were
        not processed correctly (e.g. POST /api;driver=mock/instances
        was failing)

I include the announcement for rc1 for convenience:

Many thanks to all those who contributed patches, reported bugs, and
asked for features. It's great to see that the list of committers and
patch contributors is steadily increasing.

Overview of the changes for this release:

  * deltacloudd: new option --drivers to list all drivers
  * deltacloudd: new options --ssl, --ssl-key and --ssl-cert to
    enable HTTPS support
  * API entrypoint reports features in JSON
  * unify response behavior: any operation returning a 201 Created also
    sets the Location header to point to the new resource; ensure the
    status for an operation is the same regardless of output format
  * Add type to public addresses; type can be one of 'ipv4', 'mac', 'vnc',
    and 'hostname'
  * Complete overhaul of the HTML UI, now uses jquery-mobile
  * Response status for attach/detach storage is now 202 (instead of 302)
  * Response status for get/set blob metadata is 204 No Content
  * Response status for (un)register with load balancer is 204 No Content
  * The user_name feature now reports the permissible length of the name
    as the 'max_length' constraint
  * Add Date header to responses as per RFC 2616
  * New collection 'firewalls' for managing sets of firewalling rules
  * split server/config/drivers.yaml into individual files so each driver
    can be packaged separately; gives deployers better choice of what
    drivers they want enabled
  * Numerous bug fixes and improvements to the test suite
  * Drivers
    + Condor
      - new driver to run a simple cloud based on the Condor grid scheduler
    + EC2
      - Fix bug in reboot instance so that the details returned are those
        of the stopped instance, not some random instance
      - Support getting and updating blob metadata
      - support destroying images
      - support firewalls (security groups)
      - do not support user_name anymore; instance tagging is too fragile
        in EC2 to be used reliably for this
      - do not support registering an instance with a load balancer upon
        creation anymore
      - stream blob PUT to backend (requires thin)
      - support attaching EBS snapshot to instance upon creation (feature
      - support elastic IP's
    + Eucalyptus
      - support firewalls (security groups)
      - support elastic IP's
    + Gogrid
      - when retrieving single realm, make sure we return the right one
      - correctly capture load_balancer params
      - report a listener if load_balancer has no instances
    + Mock
      - support destroying images
    + Rackspace
      - support destroying images
      - stream blob PUT to backend (requires thin)
    + RHEV-M
      - support creating and destroying images
      - report VNC address of instances
      - can use Audrey's confserver to fetch IP of an instance
    + vSphere
      - turns a VMWare vSphere installation into a cloud
      - driver stateless, state is stored in vSphere's data store in
        'deltacloud' folder
      - images are template VM's
      - single HWP, whose max_cpu and max_memory are based on available
        cpus and memory across all vSphere hosts
      - support data injection via user_data and user_iso (upload entire
        ISO image) For both, instance gets virtual CD-ROM with injected

  * make authentication info for instances available
  * retrieve type and address for public addresses of an instance
  * deltacloudc: allow specifying bucket location when creating a bucket

  * Major rewrite of REST API docs, covers the entire API now
  * Add libdeltacloud API docs

I will update the website and docs to reflect those changes in time for
the official release.


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