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From Julien Vermillard <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Deft for incubation
Date Wed, 06 Jul 2011 20:48:20 GMT
On Mon, Jul 4, 2011 at 8:59 PM, Roger Schildmeijer
<> wrote:
> Hi again,
> Been examining the asyncweb project in more details (atleast the asyncweb.client and
asyncwebserver components). Below is my notes (simple draft).
> asyncweb notes
> -client module
> * https support for Deft's AHC (AsynchronousHttpClient) could borrow some details from
asyncweb (o.a.asyncweb.client.SimpleTrustManagerFactory)
> * Improve the http request decoding (org.apache.ahc.codec.HttpDecoder, eg. decode[line,
status, header, cookie])
> -server module
> * like the simple and elegant design of o.a.asyncweb.server.resolver.ServiceResolver
(and its concrete impl., eg. PatternMatchResolver (comparable to Deft's "Capturing groups")
and ExactMatchURIServiceResolver)
> * o.a.asyncweb.server.HttpClientListener (interface with callbacks clientDisconnected,
clientIdle, register listeners on HttpServiceContext). I like the idea. Useful for comet/longpoll
(could be worth to add to Deft).
> Conclusion:
> Ofcourse there are overlaps between the two projects. I agree with Emanuel Emmanuel L├ęcharny
regarding that "It's almost as difficult to write from scratch some piece of code than to
reuse some other with lost support..."
> Deft is built (tightly integrated) around the event-loop ( which
the modules (e.g the web server component and the async http client) heavily depend upon.
Asyncweb is built on top of the Apache MINA network framework and to merge these two project
(Asyncweb and deft) is non trivial, therefor I propose we don't. Also, I guess asyncweb was
"abandoned" for a reason?

Took a look at Deft, I know well AsyncWeb, and the two projects are
really similar.
AsyncWeb was abandoned for some weird community issues (the merge of
MINA and AsyncWeb communities was badly managed) and because it's much
funnier to redo an HTTP from scratch than taking back and abandoned
project :)

We are currently recoding MINA from scratch (v3.0) so we can share
ideas about asynchronous API for network operations, perf tests, etc..
I think the two projects should stay in touch and share background ideas.


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