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From Benson Margulies <>
Subject launch trajectories
Date Tue, 05 Jul 2011 12:36:37 GMT
I'm relatively new at mentoring, and I'm writing to solicit advice
from older hands on the early phases of community construction.

I'm looking at a podling with 7 initial contributors, running since
Nov 2010. No new contributors have been voted in, or even discussed.
Or even seen, I think, on the horizon. On the positive side,
operations are very satisfactory in terms of on-list discussion,
releases, etc.

Now, an optimist might say that 7 is enough to run a TLP, so what's to
worry? A pessimist might say that we can't/shouldn't hatch out a
podling with no track record of recruiting and assimilating new

(I haven't discussed this with my fellow mentors; I decided that this
should be an 'on-list' conversation of the incubator.)

I did send along a little email 'zetz' about the recruiting new people.

The other thing an optimist might think is that, at least to begin
with, 'code calls forth community' -- wider adoption of the code will
naturally attract flies.

Anyhow, what do other think? Should mentors be pushing early and often
on this subject, or is it reasonable wait for, oh, 18 months and a few
releases before getting pushy?

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