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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: ODF Toolkit Incubation Pre-Proposal
Date Fri, 01 Jul 2011 14:33:53 GMT
We continue to discuss moving this work to Apache.  Feedback so far
has been to try for an eventual TLP.  We're starting to draft the
Incubation proposal.  We talked to the maintainer of the C#/AODL
component and he confirmed that it is not really active anymore.  He
might move it to bitbucket.  So our plan will be to propose moving
only the Java components over to Apache,

Also, we just announced a new release (more info below) and are
starting work on our next release, which is targeted to add support
for document encryption and digital signatures.




We are pleased to announce the release of the Simple Java API for ODF
version 0.6.5 today. The improvements in this version focus on text

They are:

-Hard page breaks, including appending page break at the end of a text
document and appending a page break after a referenced paragraph.

-Headings, including appending heading to documents, and changing
plain text as heading;

-Comments, including attaching a comment to a text selection and to a

-Paragraph font, including getting/setting paragraph's font size,
style, color and so on;

-Paragraph alignment, including getting/setting text alignment of a paragraph;

-Hyperlinks, including applying hyperlink to a selection, a paragraph,
an image and a span.

An introduction to the new functions has been added to the Cookbook: Document.html

An interesting code sample to show how to use these new functions to
format a text document is available in the website:

The full release notes, including a list of patches can be found in the wiki:

The binary file can be downloaded from:

The Java doc, sample codes and cookbook in the website have been updated:

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