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From "Simon Brouwer" <>
Subject Re: Code covered by the Oracle grant
Date Tue, 07 Jun 2011 08:25:29 GMT

Ralph Goers schreef:
> On Jun 6, 2011, at 7:27 AM, Sam Ruby wrote:
>> On Mon, Jun 6, 2011 at 10:02 AM, Christian Lippka <> wrote:
>>> While the technical analyze here seems (should not use that word)
>>> correct my
>>> understanding is that missing bits could still be provided if
>>> requested. But
>>> this must be answered by people who are making the negotiations.
>> I'll share my understanding.
>> My first input was that any incubator proposal that was not
>> accompanied by a substantial software grant would not get serious
>> consideration.  After a serious of miscommunications on both (ASF and
>> Oracle's) sides I got on the phone directly with the Oracle VP driving
>> this, and said that all we needed at this time was a substantial list
>> to start from.  If we needed more, we could discuss that later.
>> This was approximately noon EDT on 31 May.  After discussions with
>> lawyers and collection of a list of files, the Software Grant was sent
>> via email at 8:50PM PDT the same day.  Others with no association to
>> either IBM or Oracle can verify this basic timeline.
>> My best guess is that while the list may be incomplete, it contains
>> only files that Oracle could determine with absolutely certainty under
>> incredible time pressure that they have the necessary rights to
>> include a standard ASF software grant.
>> While Oracle has absolutely no obligation to produce anything more,
>> and people are welcome to factor that into their decisions once this
>> comes up to a vote, nothing I have seen has indicated that anybody at
>> Oracle is operating in anything other than good faith.
>> It is my expectation that if we make reasonable requests and that if
>> those requests are within Oracle's power to fulfill those requests,
>> that we will obtain subsequent software grants.
> Sam, for me this is the only area where I question whether I will vote for
> the proposal.  From what I read in Christian Lohmaier's summary Oracle has
> supplied about 50% of the OOo source code.

To put this into perspective, if I remember correctly Christian's summary
dealt with file lists and did not take file size into account. So that 50%
in file count may represent a far bigger percentage of source code.

The real question is whether anything essential is missing that Oracle
can't supply and that is very difficult to replace.

Vriendelijke groet,

Simon Brouwer
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