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From Nick Burch <>
Subject Re: Apache Incubator Proposal
Date Thu, 02 Jun 2011 15:43:45 GMT
On Wed, 1 Jun 2011, wrote:
> But I see this as pulling in two directions:
> 1) On the one hand it is a good fit for a module in an OpenOffice SDK, so
> the OpenOffice project might be a good fit.  On the other hand ODF is an
> application-independent document format, not necessarily just for
> OpenOffice.  So we might not want to bury it as a component in this much
> larger project.

It's not impossible for a project to live in one TLP, but be referenced by 
another. One example is the various projects within the Hadoop family. 
Most of them are independent TLPs, which do collaborate and work together, 
with the websites linking each other.

> 2) It is complementary to POI, doing some of the same functions with ODF
> that POI does with MS Office binary and OOXML documents.  But it is a
> little bit of scope creep if POI takes on non-Microsoft formats.  I could
> live with that, if done consistently in how POI describes itself.

I can't speak for the whole project, but personally I'd be interested in 
discussing how the POI mission statement could be expanded, and if that'd 
work well for everyone.

> Another option of course is to incubate it toward its own TLP 
> eventually. We do have Java and C# libraries already, along with some 
> useful ODF-processing XSLT scripts, a servlet "runner" and an ODF 
> validator components.

It may be worth bringing all of these in as one podling, seperate from the 
main OOo one. Once in the incubator, the communities can decide where they 
want to go, which could be aiming for a TLP for all the ODF tools, or 
could be some moving to POI and some into the OOo podling.

> I'll have more cycles to discuss that on the POI dev list once we get 
> the OpenOffice podling off to a smooth start.

Hopefully discussions on the POI dev list can shake out a few mentors (I'm 
happy to mentor an ODF Toolkit podling, but it'd take more than just me!), 
then we could put together a proposal to bring in the ODF Toolkit. As Bill 
has pointed out, it could be a 2nd proposal alongside the OOo one, and 
potentially a quicker one to get in as the situation is simpler.


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