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From Nick Burch <>
Subject Re: Apache Incubator Proposal
Date Wed, 01 Jun 2011 17:48:49 GMT
On Wed, 1 Jun 2011, wrote:
> That would be great.  There is also another project (or set of projects)
> that IBM and Sun/Oracle have worked on over the past few years, called the
> :ODF Toolkit".  For example, this component was just released today:
> The ODF Toolkit work was all written to an Apache 2.0 license.  I think
> we're agreed that this should go to Apache as well.  But we were not sure
> what the best place would be.  I could see a close relationship to Apache
> POI.  It is very similar to those components, but it is certainly not a
> "Microsoft" file format.  And I don't agree that the "Pretty Obfuscated
> Interface" part accurately describes ODF.  But I could also see the ODF
> Toolkit being a component in the Office project, perhaps even being
> co-incubated with today's proposal.

POI has generally stuck to the Microsoft formats for two reasons:
* It's where we started, and where we knew best
* We haven't had the volunteer energy to take on a whole new format

Speaking personally, I would be interested in seeing how ODF Toolkit could 
fit within the POI project. We already have a number of components, and 
interfaces that try to smooth over the differences between the different 
formats underneath. In the past, we helped bring in the OpenXML4J project 
which became part of what powers many of our components today, so it's not 
too large a stretch. We certainly wouldn't say no to new people joining 
the project :)

This would possibly warrant a seperate discussion though, especially if 
the codebase were to be destined for POI rather than a new TLP.

As I don't think many of the POI committers are currently actively 
involved in the Incubator, it might be worth you sending something through 
to the dev list giving an introduction to the project and the code, and 
hopefully we can then tempt people over to a thread here to discuss the 


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