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Subject Meta-question: How many committers on a proposal are enough?
Date Fri, 03 Jun 2011 12:35:25 GMT
Benson Margulies <> wrote on 06/03/2011 08:02:25 AM:

> There is a meta-question here: what are the criteria by which the IPMC
> should evaluate a proposal?
> 1. "Are there enough people on the proposal to plausibly start out?"
> I think everyone agrees on this as a legitimate criterion.
> 2. "Given the vast size of the codebase, is there any chance of
> building a large enough group to maintain and enhance it."
> I fear that this involves the application of a crystal ball, but
> others may disagree.
> 3. "How many people are detectable on the two existing projects, as
> this will teach us something about (2)"
> No. It won't. Others on this thread of perfectly eloquently explained 
> So, please make some new threads with some new subjects if you want to
> argue my view here or any of the substantive questions.


I think these are good questions.  But can you recommend a plausible way 
to answer your question #1 without at least estimating an answer for 
question #2? 

And I'd alter your question #3.  The better question, IMHO, is not "how 
many people are detectable".  I don't think anyone has seriously advocated 
that.  But "how many people are active" or "how many people are 
responsible for 90% of the contributions" or similar questions are 



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