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Subject Re: OOo Monetary Donations
Date Thu, 09 Jun 2011 13:21:58 GMT
Volker Merschmann <> wrote on 06/09/2011 02:33:09 AM:

> as most of the discussion happened when I slept, I will give a
> summarizinig answer from the top. (With unusally top-posting against
> the netiquette)
> There are two associations (german: "eingetragener Verein" abbrev. e.V.)
> - Team e.V., based in Hamburg. The members are
> Sun/Oracle employees and it is handling the marketing budget for the
> international marketing. (IBM has already been
> mentioned as a donator). They fund travel, T-Shirts, Posters, booth
> fees and so on. (Donations from the mentioned page go to them)
> - Freies Office Deutchland e.V. (abbrev. FrODeV), whose name was
> Deutschland e.V. up to spring of this year, based in
> Wiesbaden. Members are individuals and companies merely from Germany.
> The association has promoted all around in Germany
> since years by funding as aboven and by organizing own events as a
> congress for Business and Administration beside community events for
> QA and general project work. It is also promoting LibreOffice now,
> therefore the name has been changed. Donators can tell if the donation
> should be spent for a specific project.
> Until the TDF is legally founded it is the legal basis for TDF, being
> contractor for webhosting, lawsuits etc.

This is great information.  But can I make a suggestion?  I don't think 
this is a discussion that we can really make any progress with now, in 
reviewing an incubation proposal.  I'm not even sure this is something 
that will be within the ambit of the podling or the IPMC to decide. 

In the end, Apache has no direct control over other non-profits with 
charters that allow them to raise funds to support OOo, TDF, or both 
together.  The only influence Apache has is indirect, via its eventual 
control of the OOo trademark, logo and website.  Since fundraising is a 
foundation-level concern, not a project-level concern, I assume the 
question of where the existing "donate now" link directs to, if such a 
link continues to exist, will be an Apache Board decision, where they will 
weigh numerous factors ranging from jurisdiction to tax status to 
accountability, etc.


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