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Subject Apache Incubator Proposal: Collaboration with TDF/LO
Date Fri, 03 Jun 2011 18:03:06 GMT
I'm perceiving that we're circling around on the same points with no new 
options coming up.  So I'd like to record the state of the issue.  If 
there is consensus on this formulation, I'll place it in the wiki.  Of 
course, if the discussion advances the issue or positions move, I can 
always go back and revise,


=Collabration with LibreOffice=

LibreOffice uses a dual licesne LGPLv3/MPL.  This limits the degree to 
which OpenOffice and LibreOffice can collaborate on code.  However, we 
would be glad to discuss, as a project, ways in which we can collaborate 
with them in a way that respects the chosen licenses of both projects. 
This could include collaboration on jointly sponsored public events, 
interoperability 'plugfests', standards, shared build management 
infrastructure, etc.  And if TDF decides at a later point to change to a 
compatible license, then this would open up additional ways in which we 
could collaborate, and we would welcome that as well.  We believe that in 
practice, the extent to which we may actually collaborate will be 
determined by the licence compatibility issue rather than any 
unwillingness to collaborate.


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