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Subject Re: Apache Incubator Proposal
Date Wed, 01 Jun 2011 18:51:56 GMT
dsh <> wrote on 06/01/2011 02:16:58 PM:

> To me the proof point whether this proposal will be successful or not
> is whether Linux distributions having already dropped support for
> OpenOffice and switched to LibreOffice instead would be willing to
> reverse that decision and move back to OpenOffice again now that it is
> in a process to be proposed to become an Apache incubator project.

My understanding is that the Linux distros never really included the core  They included the Novell Edition of OpenOffice, since 
Novell (and some volunteers) did the leg work to get the code into a form 
suitable for the distros to consume (packaging, catalog metadata, etc.) 
When LibreOffice was announced, Novell pulled their OpenOffice Novell 
Edition and put the same engineers on LibreOffice.  The distros could 
simply continue working with the same engineers they had worked with 
previously.  This was not necessarily some ideological switch by the 
distros.  From their perspective LibreOffice was more a rebranding of 
Novell Edition of OpenOffice.  They include LibreOffice because it was 
packaged, ready for their consumption.

But I certainly agree that we want to ensure that the project's binaries 
are easy for anyone to consume.  I'd leave it as a question to the PMC 
members on whether Apache TLP's generally liaise with the various Linux 
distros to get their packages included, or whether that is done 
unofficially, by individuals?  And is it generally held to be a criterion 
for a podling to graduate or even initiate, that it first persuade all 
Linux distros to include it?


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