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Subject Re: OpenOffice: were are we now?
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2011 01:24:02 GMT
Simon Phipps <> wrote on 06/05/2011 08:49:19 PM:

=> >
> I read all that Rob.  Nothing in there about the plan to continue 
> building and delivering on all the platforms and in all 
> locales it is today, along with an estimate for the IPMT of how big the 
> is, whether it's adequately staffed, what infrastructure it needs and so
> on.
> Your focus on the ODF market is laudable and you know I've been 
> similar aims for even longer than you have. But my big concern remains
> making sure that throughout 2011 there's a fresh, live consumer binary 
> produced to keep the enormous existing user-base satisfied.

No Simon, it was not in the email.  I didn't think it was necessary to 
repeat what is already in the very first paragraph of the proposal on the 

" is comprised of (6) personal productivity applications: 
word processor, spreadsheet, presentation graphics, drawing, equation 
editor, and database. supports Windows, Solaris, Linux and 
Macintosh operation systems. is localized, supporting over 
110 languages worldwide. "

I don't see a problem here.  There are competitors in this market that 
release only every three years.  They seem to have users.  There are some 
that release updates every quarter.  They have users as well. And some do 
something in the middle. They have users as well.  So there is no "one 
true answer" here.

The OOo releases have recently been like:

3.0  Oct 2008
3.1 May 2009
3.2 Feb 2010
3.3 Jan 2011

So the most recent interval was a one year cycle between releases.  Even 
with the overhead and resulting downtime of moving our tent to Apache, I 
don't see why we couldn't aim for a stable 3.4 in Q1 2012 or earlier and 
not frustrate customer expectations.    Not saying we couldn't do 
something more aggressive than that.   I'm all in favor of getting to a 
more steady heart beat, say quarterly betas or something like that. 
Release early and often.  But the details are for the project to work out. 


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