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Subject Re: Put myself on the initial committers list
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2011 20:06:50 GMT
Christoph Jopp <> wrote on 06/06/2011 07:57:19 AM:

> Dear All,
> I put myself on the initial committers list because I want to help the
> Apache OpenOffice Project in some way I can.
> As nearly nobody should know my name, I'll introduce myself briefly:
> Since 2005 I tried to support OOo by helping on forums and mailing
> lists, writing and co-writing a number of magazine articles and a book
> (with a larger section on OOo), holding some talks about
> OOo-extension-development (one at OOoCon in Beijing)....
> My special interest lies in lowering the barriers for
> extension-development with OOo and thus my (not too high) skills are
> mostly to understand to some extent UNO and the extensions ecosystem. I
> also could do some documentation (preferably in German) and maybe
> translation too.
> Though being a member of the extensions project for some years now my
> involvement in the OOo community was never very deep and came to a halt
> the last two years for private reasons.
> So my merit concerning the OOo community is not very high and if someone
> considers it too bold to set myself on this list I would have no problem
> with removing me again.
> Reading this ML for some days now I feel great respect for your attitude
> and perspective on open source
> Thank you for your time
> Christoph

Hello Christoph, welcome aboard! 

I'm glad to see an extensions development expert with the project.    I 
remember reading many years ago, maybe 1990 or so in "Computer Languages" 
magazine (now defunct) about a survey of the top computer languages used 
in business.  Any question what the #1 choice was?  No, it wasn't C or 
COBCOL.  It was the 1-2-3 macro language!   I think this is true today as 
well, that the application-developer is key.  We need ways of lowering the 
skill level so every "power user" can do powerful automation with 
OpenOffice!  And we need this to integrate with the web as well.  It is no 
longer 1990....



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