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Subject OpenOffice Proposal: Relationships with Other Apache Products
Date Fri, 03 Jun 2011 20:29:37 GMT
I plan on updating the proposal on the wiki over the week-end.  I'm going 
to start a series of threads on various sections of the proposal that I 
think are a bit thin and which I could use some help with. 

For "Relationships with Other Apache Products" we currently just call out 
only POI as a possible connection based on document file formats that are 
in common between the two projects, both the current POI Microsoft Office 
formats, as well as possible future ODF libraries.

Are there any other Apache projects where there might be an interesting 
relationship?   Anything jump out? 

We have spreadsheets, word procesor, presentation, mathematical formula, 
graphics editor, they export PDF, HTML, ODF, MS Office, raster graphics 
formats.  We do some stuff with MathML and XForms.  I expect we'll merge 
in some SVG support as some point.

Any of this ring a bell for other projects?


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