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Subject OpenOffice Proposal: Podling Releases
Date Fri, 03 Jun 2011 14:31:18 GMT
Michael Meeks <> wrote on 06/03/2011 10:05:31 AM:

> > As for continuity of OpenOffice releases, there was a full stable
> > release of OpenOffice in January and a preview 3.4.0 release in April.
> > It is very reasonable for the new ApacheOffice project to start up,
> > and even while in incubation produce a release.
>    It is unclear to me whether you can release binaries with all the
> copy-left dependencies bundled as Apache. If that is so - easy enough.
> If not, life will be harder, more development will be required, and the
> result will be much less feature-full.

A Podling can do a Podling release, if approved by the IPMC.  My 
understanding is the Podling Release must still adhere to AFS legal 
requirements, so that would need to be resolved first.


But one thing not to lose track of is that Symphony has done IP 
remediation at many levels.  Where we've worked around things, we'll be 
able to contribute our fixes back.  Could we have missed something?  This 
is always possible.  But I know with certainty that we've fixed things 
that LO has missed. (I'm talking patents, not the MPL/LGPL dependency 
issues).  I think we'll all be in a stronger position, IP-wise, once (and 
if) we can all get working from the same repository.


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