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Subject Re: Apache Licensing Q's [was: Incubator Proposal]
Date Sat, 04 Jun 2011 14:02:18 GMT
Andrew Rist <> wrote on 06/04/2011 01:07:36 AM:

> > Also, besides main apps, is Oracle donating it's Oracle OOo 
> > extensions? Such as: PDF Import, Presenter Console, WebLog Publisher, 
> > Professional Template Packs, MySQL Connector, etc.
> Our approach is to start with the main open source code - stuff with 
> clear provenance.  The OOo extensions are more complex in terms of 
> licensing and other issues, but this is certainly something to revisit 
> at a later stage of the project.

Similarly, IBM has a range of OpenOffice feature, enhancements, 
performance improvements, accessibility work, interoperability work, etc., 
that we want to contribute to the project, from our work on Symphony.  But 
I agree with Andrew, let's get the base build up and running, have that 
milestone success first, get to a release of an IP-cleared product, and 
then move on from there. 

Of course, the project's PMC will determine the priorities and ordering of 
this work.  It is possible, for example, that other members of the 
community might have items to contribute that are deemed more important to 
integrate first.  We'll work that through the project.

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