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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: Remediation ...
Date Thu, 09 Jun 2011 18:21:30 GMT
Michael Meeks wrote:

> I rest my case about FUD. It seems hard for me to reconcile your
> statement with the emphasis around things happening transparently

Then let me be equally clear.  I've learned not to discuss *potential* legal issues on public
lists before first consulting counsel.  Akin to the idea that you don't post security vulnerabilities
on a public forum before you have a chance to address them.  Which is why the rest of my response
may have come across as vague.  Personally, I'd prefer that we weren't discussing it until
it can be investigated.

What I can say is that if "we" (which hopefully will include you), have done everything right
in our code base, then everything you take downstream will be clean, as I previously mentioned
and you liked.  I'd like to say that any remediation would be flagged as such, but I don't
know how to make it an iron-clad guarantee.

> > As an American, I wish that you lot would simply up and pass
> > legislation to reject all US Patents on software so that we
> > can get rid of our broken US patent system.
> As I understand it US patents are not enforceable in Europe and many
> other jurisdictions anyway

That's unclear to me.  My hope is that if everyone outside of the US were to outright ban
software patents and completely ignore American IP claims on such, that it would remove their
value and lead to our abandonment of this dysfunctional system.

	--- Noel

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