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From Ian Lynch <>
Subject Re: Question to IBM regarding license of Lotus Symphony
Date Sat, 04 Jun 2011 13:10:05 GMT
On 4 June 2011 13:47, Cor Nouws <> wrote:

> Ian Lynch wrote (04-06-11 14:39)
>> On 4 June 2011 13:30, Cor Nouws<>  wrote:
>>  Sam Ruby wrote (04-06-11 13:35)
>>>> Is there any reason to believe that the Apache License, Version 2.0 is
>>>> not an appropriate choice in this situation?
>>> Yes. As expressed by many on this list and elsewhere: the Apache license
>>> policy does not match for at least part of the LibreOffice project.
>>> So starting with finding a common ground first, rather than starting with
>>> the Apache model, would have been a better approach, IMO.
>> I'm not an expert in this but is seems to me that since you can derive a
>> copy left licensed product from an Apache licensed product but not the
>> other
>> way round, it is in fact logical to start with Apache if both are to be
>> considered.
> No, those people will not join that project under Apache.

So there are going to be two projects because Oracle donated the code they
own to ASF for Apache licensing. That's not ideal from many points of view
but it is the reality. Anyone who does not want to contribute code to an
Apache license doesn't have to. In that sense there is a need for LO with a
copyleft license. There can still be cooperation to try and make the best
out of that situation.

2 options -

1. TDF and LO goes its own way completely separate from Apache/OOo.

2. TDF/LO cooperate with ASF to keep two versions of the code but with
minimum divergence and maximum commonality given the licensing contstraints.

Personally I prefer option 2.

Possible consequences of Option 1.  ApacheOOo gets insufficient support and
stagnates, TDF LO carry on developing what becomes the main used code base.
Or ApacheOOo attracts developers from TDF and it thrives and TDF dies. Or
both thrive as two separate projects in their own right.

Possible consequences of Option 2. There are versions of the code derived
from the Apache licensed version that are substantially technically the same
but at least one is licensed copy left and supported by those that believe
this license is the only one they can work with (TDF/LO)

Ok there are other possibilities too but I have discounted move everything
to LibreO or move everything to Apache because I can't see either of those
options being practically possible.  I'd be happy to be proved wrong :-)


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