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From Kazunari Hirano <>
Subject Re: ODF Toolkit Incubation Pre-Proposal
Date Mon, 27 Jun 2011 23:18:30 GMT
Hi Rob and all,

Please help a non-English speaker, it's me :) , in the midst of
jargon; ODF, Apache, OASIS, ISO/IEC JTC1, OpenOffice, LibreOffice,
Symphony, KOffice/Calligra, Microsoft Office, Corel Wordperfect,
Google Docs, ODFDOM, DOM API, Conformance Tools, XSLTRunner, AODL,
C#/.NET, Java, PDFBox, Batik, FOP, POI, Mercurial, SVN, Kenai, TLP,

I know ODF, OASIS and ISO/IEC because I am from and we
fought for it :)

Now I am getting familiar with Apache, incubating, incubator,
incubation, podling and podlet :)

I thought JIRA is an acronym.
No, it's not.  I found
JIRA comes from Japanese words "GoJIRA(Godzilla)" and "KuJIRA(Whale)."

Let us start with POI (because you are CCing to
Can you tell me what is POI?
What does POI stand for?
Is POI an acronym?

Kazunari Hirano
Tohoku Japan needs your help.

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