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From "Manfred A. Reiter" <>
Subject Re: A little OOo history
Date Wed, 08 Jun 2011 14:17:02 GMT
Dear -Rob, all,

2011/6/7  <>:


> We should be able to check the math from another direction.  Microsoft
> claims something like 400 million Office users.  Studies looking at OOo
> install share show approximately 10%.  Pick some random number between 6
> and 12 months.  Call it "mean time to upgrade to a new OOo release".  In
> my case the random number came out to be 10 months, fortunate for me for
> doing the math in my head.  That gives 4 million users downloading/month.
> That gives 130,000 downloads/day.  I know that is not the same number
> quoted, but it is in the ball park.
> Since this is a large download, I wonder whether the quoted numbers are
> impacted at all by timeouts, abandoned downloads attempts, etc.  In other
> words, is it counting the HTTP GET's?  Or the successful downloads?  That
> may influence the load by quite a bit.  It may even make it worse.
> And let's not even get started on the burst traffic when a major new
> release is announced.
> Of course, this is not necessarily a problem for Apache.  Think of it this
> way.  It would be perfectly possible, and actually quite easy for someone
> to host the files with a scalable cloud storage provider, e.g., Amazon,
> and charge $0.99 for the download, the cost of an iPhone app.   That is
> over $30 million/year.  Heck, I might just do that myself and retire!

I only would like to know,

whether this posting was really for the apache communtiy mailinglist
or an IBM internal mailinglist to evolve a businessplan?



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