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From Sam Ruby <>
Subject next steps
Date Mon, 13 Jun 2011 16:38:00 GMT
I've divided up the list of proposed committers into four categories,
based on their current status.

--- Have IDs:

damjan     Damjan Jovanovic
florent    Florent André
grobmeier  Christian Grobmeier
gstein     Greg Stein
jim        Jim Jagielski
lrosen     Lawrence Rosen
rdonkin    Robert Burrell Donkin
wave       David Fisher
yegor      Yegor Kozlov

   These inidividuals can be added immediately

--- Have ICLAs on file, but no ids:

Mathias Bauer
Raphael Bircher
Simon Brouwer
Andrew Brown
Arthur Buijs
Jian Hong Cheng
Jin Hua Chen
Dennis E. Hamilton
Don Harbison
Drew Jensen
Christoph Jopp
Steve Lee
Yong Lin Ma
Carl Marcum
Phillip Rhodes
Andrew Rist
Lei Wang
Zhe Wang
Jian Fang Zhang

  Next steps: I'll contact each to get preferred UNIX ids:

    (Note: in cases where they differ, I'll be using the
     email addresses from the ICLA, not from the proposal)

    IDs selected should not match an already issued id:

--- Need ICLAs:

Fred-Juan DIAZ
Eike Rathke
Marcelo Horacio Fortino
Cyril Beaussier
Carl Symons
Jaime R. Garza
Patrick Maupin
Stephane Quenson
Wolf Halton
Jomar Silva
Stefan Taxhet
Christian Lippka
Miguel Á. Ríos
Kent Åberg
Ben Bois
Dieter Loeschky
Roman Gelbort
Eric Bachard
Manfred Reiter
Herbert Duerr
Ingrid von der Mehden
Ivo Hinkelmann
Juergen Schmidt
Juan C. Sanz
Alexandro Colorado
Kai Ahrens
Kazunari Hirano
Kai Sommerfeld
Luis E. Vasquez
Louis Suárez-Potts
Eric Hoch
Mechtilde Stehmann
Martin Hollmichel
Michael Stehmann
Marcus Lange
Michael Stahl
Malte Timmermann
Olaf Felka
Peter Junge
Allen Pulsifer
Zoltán Reizinger
Stephan Bergmann
Dave McKay
Graham Lauder
Fernand Vanrie
Hong Yun An
Shu Wang Han
Heng Lee
Chao Sun
Fernando Cassia
Dave Barton
Ian Lynch

   Next step: each should send in an ICLA

   In about a week, I'll send out reminders to those who have not.

--- Not part of the approved proposal, need approval:

Joanmarie Diggs
Peter Korn
Jean Hollis Weber

   This is for the PPMC to vote in

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