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From Sam Ruby <>
Subject Vote plans for OOo proposal
Date Thu, 09 Jun 2011 16:00:22 GMT
First some current stats:

73 committers.
18 currently have iclas on file.
29 have email addresses.
8 have ibm email addresses.
8 mentors

Overall, it looks to me like discussion is slowing, and generally
tending towards people supporting starting a vote at this time.  There
are plenty of new people here, and I don't want to create any
surprises, so I will review my understanding and plans and solicit

Unless I see pushback that merits waiting further, I plan to call for
a vote approximately 24 hours from now (noon EDT).  The vote will run
for 72 hours.  Yes, that will span a weekend, such is not uncommon.
If such is expected to present a hardship to anybody, I ask for them
to speak now.

Binding votes are ones that are cast by Incubator PMC members.  Quorum
is 3 binding +1 yes votes.  Once quorum is met, if more +1 votes are
received than -1, the vote carries.  Otherwise, the vote fails.

If any of this is unclear or if I got anything wrong, please speak up.

- Sam Ruby

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