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From Keith Curtis <>
Subject OpenOffice & LibreOffice
Date Sun, 05 Jun 2011 08:30:17 GMT
Hello all;

I spent some time reading these email archives to get a better
understanding of the issues. To me it seem obvious this effort should
join with the LibreOffice community.

Why "open source" advocates at IBM would stand up for the "right" of
software to be made proprietary in the future makes no sense to me. I
would think the job of an IBM evangelist would be to advocate
copyleft, not to evangelize lax licenses using IBM's reputation. It is
the little guys that get screwed by lax licenses. Convincing IBM to
make GPL their official free license would be useful evangelism. Who
is working on that?

LibreOffice is a success, and way ahead of you guys. There is a lot of
work to be done. You can find a productive role for anyone in
LibreOffice. I predict and hope that this project gets no support from
the community as you are wasting our time starting with these emails.
Everyone who has a choice should join LibreOffice. It has a better
license, and a community of good people, distros and companies. First
people need to understand what they are missing. One little reminder:
LibreOffice will be the official build for Linux, and will have the
best support, so I don't even understand who you expect to get help
from when few technical people will be using it.

LibreOffice could use the work of the OO core developers / testers
today. What is the status of them? They are the most important asset
in this situation, not the evangelists / suits who seem on their way
to screwing it up. I'm sure they would rather join LibreOffice.

Python is a better language than Java. Sun screwed Java in addition to
OpenOffice. The move from Java is another way LibreOffice is ahead.
Java should be abandoned by the community, but that is mostly a side
issue here.

Here is a section of my book that gives a case study on forks:

Maybe I'll make another case study about you guys in the future,
depending on how far you get ;-)

I think people working in MS Office would laugh at these mails.
Perhaps they would root for IBM / Apache to succeed and cause more
chaos and confusion. I sometimes think Linux on the desktop is
hopeless because there are too many people so clever they manage to
ignore basic facts.


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