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From Yegor Kozlov <>
Subject Re: Apache Incubator Proposal
Date Thu, 02 Jun 2011 17:36:52 GMT
> I can't speak for the whole project, but personally I'd be interested in
> discussing how the POI mission statement could be expanded, and if that'd
> work well for everyone.

On the web site we say that the Apache POI Project's mission is to
create and maintain Java APIs for Microsoft Documents, but in the code
we avoid any MS-specific terms such as 'Excel' and 'Word' and use more
generic terms like 'Spreadsheet' and 'Document'. We (I mean POI team)
really aim to be a general-purpose  API for Office documents, not
necessarily MS Office. I don't see why we shouldn't put the ODF
Toolkit under POI umbrella.

> Hopefully discussions on the POI dev list can shake out a few mentors (I'm
> happy to mentor an ODF Toolkit podling, but it'd take more than just me!),
> then we could put together a proposal to bring in the ODF Toolkit. As Bill
> has pointed out, it could be a 2nd proposal alongside the OOo one, and
> potentially a quicker one to get in as the situation is simpler.

I'll be happy to mentor the ODF Toollkit too.


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