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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: A little OOo history
Date Tue, 07 Jun 2011 18:40:01 GMT
On Tue, Jun 7, 2011 at 6:58 PM,  <> wrote:
> Since this is a large download, I wonder whether the quoted numbers are
> impacted at all by timeouts, abandoned downloads attempts, etc.  In other
> words, is it counting the HTTP GET's?  Or the successful downloads?  That
> may influence the load by quite a bit.  It may even make it worse.

It is most likely the number of redirects that the MirrorBrain
software makes to download servers. You should take a look at what
MirrorBrain does, it's open source, err, free software :)

> And let's not even get started on the burst traffic when a major new
> release is announced.
> Of course, this is not necessarily a problem for Apache.  Think of it this
> way.  It would be perfectly possible, and actually quite easy for someone
> to host the files with a scalable cloud storage provider, e.g., Amazon,
> and charge $0.99 for the download, the cost of an iPhone app.   That is
> over $30 million/year.  Heck, I might just do that myself and retire!
> In any case, you can see how this problem solves itself given the Apache
> 2.0 license.

You know, there is this large and interesting community of maintainers
of mirrors of open source software.

A fair share of them are your typical beard stroking [1] uber
experienced unix [2] system administrators who maintain a local mirror
for their company / campus / ISP mostly so that their local users are
served from their local infrastructure, saving on the bandwidth bill
of their uplink and keeping their users happy.

The art of software mirroring is mostly in making friends with these
folks and then staying friendly to them and keeping them happy and
well-fed and rsynced.

Putting things in the "cloud" is probably a pretty decent way to piss
these people off :-D

Incidentally, apache has decent mirroring mostly because it has its
own share of beard stroking [1] uber experienced unix [2]
administrators. They are typically referred to as the infra team, and
they must also be kept happy and well-fed at all times! [3]



[1] amount of beard on administrator may vary. Beard may contain traces of nuts.
[2] mistakenly referring to unix as linux often not advisable.
[3] I think it doesn't say this clearly enough in the incubator docs,
but, "feed infra team a selection of their favorite beverage at
apachecon" should probably be on the incubation checklist!

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