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From Nóirín Plunkett <>
Subject Re: Summit Proposal
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2011 18:03:32 GMT
On Mon, Jun 6, 2011 at 7:18 PM, Simon Phipps <> wrote:
> My apologies if this proposal is out of place on either list, but I think it's worth
thinking about early.  Obviously I speak for neither Apache nor TDF but I have a deep concern
for and am very keen to see the community healed.
> Given that:
> *  both LibreOffice (October, Paris) and Apache (November, Vancouver) have conferences
in the second half of the year,
> *  between them cover both Europe and North America,
> *  plenty of people will be travelling anyway to attend them,
> *  it's much easier to co-operate with people you've met
> I would like to suggest to both TDF and Apache that they host an " Unity
Summit" (or some less cheesy name if you prefer!) at both conferences, inviting everyone associated
in any way with the overall community (open source projects like LibreOffice
or the proposed Apache project, their direct downstreams like NeoOffice, their commercial
derivatives like Symphony) to attend, preferably without charge.

We haven't yet started scheduling the "Meetups" for ApacheCon yet (it
is still five months out :-)), but with such a vibrant community, it
seems certain to me that *someone* will propose an OOo one. It is
usual at Apache that those who volunteer to do the work get to steer a
course for that work, but I think we can ensure that it's open and
inclusive, and we always welcome new volunteers!

Our Meetups are typically evening events adjacent to the main
conference, and are free of charge to attendees (whether or not
they're registered for the conference.) We'd be more than happy to
welcome the whole FLOSS-Office ecosystem, I'm sure.

However, it seems to me that October and November are still rather far
off, and with the wealth of conferences over the next two months,
perhaps we could set something up sooner than that? OSCON, anyone?


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