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From "Jomar Silva (Cuca)" <>
Subject Re: Request: Can "proposed committers" introduce themselves?
Date Tue, 07 Jun 2011 22:25:36 GMT

I'm Jomar Silva, member of the OASIS ODF TC since 2008 and I've been
ahead of the ODF Alliance Latin America since 2007.

I use OpenOffice since it was StarOffice, and I'm very active on the
FLOSS and Open Standards evangelization in South America. I've being
working closelly with the BrOffice community in the past years, and I
was awarded by them in 2009 with the "Free Light Award", as a
recognition of my work to promote the ODF adoption in Brazil. My
personal blog ( is (or was) considered a reference on
ODF and OpenStandards, and there I blog in Portuguese, English and
Spanish. I also write to some other blogs, websites and magazines in
Brazil, focused on FLOSS and OpenStandards.

I've programmed for almost 15 years, mainly in C/C++ and contributed
with translations on some FOSS projects (if I manage to remove the
rust, it will be a pleasure to come back to coding again :)).
Currently I just code for fun (and to show the potenciality of ODF) on
some other programming languages.

I'm an invited observer at the Free Software Foundation Latin America
council and a Brazilian expert at JTC1 SC34 (WG6), and also the
coordinator of the group that adopted ODF as a Brazilian National
Standard. For the record, I'm also a "veteran" of the OOXML "issue" at
JTC1 (yes, I was at the BRM in Geneva), but I don't think it matters
right now :)

My opinions here are personal only and doesn't represent the opinions
or views of any organizations or companies that I'm related to.

Best Regards,

Jomar Silva

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