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From J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Request: Can "proposed committers" introduce themselves?
Date Tue, 14 Jun 2011 10:57:02 GMT

let me introduce myself a little bit more as promised in my voting email ;-)

My name is Juergen Schmidt (jsc) and i work on the project since 1997,
started at StarDivision -> Sun -> Oracle where i am still employed today.
But i am here as individual and everything i will do and say here is based
on my very own opinion and motivation. I will also do not speak for Oracle
in any way and i am here only to help and to bring forward.

At the beginning i was deeply involved in the development of UNO the
underlying component middleware technology and focused later more and more
on the general programmability features. As the API and Extensions project
lead i always tried to bring these features forward. I always had the vision
of a component based architecture where you have well defined functional
blocks (components) that build altogether a complete product. In an ideally
world you would be able to define a feature set, let's say you need a writer
component only, and some kind of tooling would package all necessary fine
grained components that builds all together a full featured writer editor.
Ok i know that is very highlevel but i hope the idea becomes a little bit
more clear. Anyway in the existing code base we are of course far away of
such an architecture because it's more complex and the modularization that
would be necessary is not in place yet. But maybe we can achieve it in the
future or can at least move forward in this direction. Make things easier
reusable and also easier exchangeable for example if a better implementation
becomes available ...

I worked also on tooling and documentation that helps to develop with and
for (SDK, DevGuide, NetBeans Extension plugin, ...). Compared
to another proprietary office suite we have a lot of space for improvements
here to make it easier for end users and developers to develop their own
automation workflows, solutions or to develop connectors in other business
critical applications. Yes the success of should be in the
business world and not only in the private sector. A successful future of
the project needs sponsors and they come probably not from
the private sector only.

As some kind of "OOo Evangelist" i have spread and shared my knowledge
around the API and Extensions development on many conferences all over the
world (e.g. JavaOne, FISL, FOSS.IN, FOSDEM, LinuxTag,...) . Community work
was one part of my daily work and also of my private spare time.The split of
the community last year was a dark moment in the history of OOo and i hope
that over time we will have again one community working all together on the
same goal.

I am also a member of the OOo community council and besides the general work
there i focused on the organization of an internship program (2010) which is
comparable to the well known GSOC. We hadn't the same budget as Google but
we were able to run at least 6 projects with success.

That should be enough for the moment and if you have any further question
that is related to my person or to my work as a OOo community member feel
free to ask me.

I hope this can be the beginning of a new great project where "political"
issues becomes more and more unimportant in the future.

Kind regards


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