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From Christian Grobmeier <>
Subject Re: Question to TDF and its community
Date Tue, 07 Jun 2011 05:49:37 GMT
> We didn't balk when Geronimo was proposed, despite complaints from JBoss.
> We didn't balk when Felix (nee Oscar) was proposed.  We didn't balk in other
> cases.  We have never picked winners, we have incubated projects and let the
> community pick the winners.  I don't see a reason to change our philosophy
> now.

Geronimo is not the same case as OOo.

With Geronimo people came and wanted to create it, because they were
not happy. The company complained.

With OOo the company was nasty and people went away and were happy.
The company wants the project at the ASF, and some people complain
now. After all I never really heard the words "I want it at the ASF"
from somebody with OOo adress -my feeling is it is the ASF which wants
it most. I might be wrong, the number of e-mails is overwhelming.

Also Geronimo is big, but OOo is huge and might give us a good amount
of headache. When it comes to reputation, as Harmony has gone idle
they were lots of talks about it in the press. Yes, i think we will
earn some nasty words when this podling fails.

I want a ASL Office, but I share Niclas concerns somehow. I am not
sure if the TDF should be an entry requirement. I am a bit concerned
this podling might only incubate because people are attracted by the
OOo trademark.  From the proposal:
"We believe in the processes, systems, and framework Apache has put in place."

Really? How can we know? There was no real initial team, the OOo
proposal started with a "call to arms". It seems everybody can get a
free apache email address at the moment.

I already know the answer - "incubation will show us". If this is the
answer to everything, then we can start voting now.

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