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From Dirk-WIllem van Gulik <>
Subject Re: Commerce and open-soure (Was) Proposal to join Apache OpenOffice
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2011 19:36:46 GMT

On 6 Jun 2011, at 18:43, Benson Margulies wrote:

> The expression 'land-grab' in here bothers me.
> I understand (if not agree with) the 'deep philosophy justification'
> of the FSF for a particular licensing strategy.
> I understand the views of individuals who don't want to benefit
> corporations without extracting, at least, some token cooperation in
> return.
> I don't understand the analogy in which code is 'land' which can be
> 'grabbed'. If a corporation takes ALv2 licensed code and uses it to
> launch some close-source thing, the code isn't used up. It's still
> there where anyone else can use it for anything else.

Apologies - what I meant was that there is a fairly fundamental choice in the contract with
the wider ecosystem - will you simply allow anyone to do anything* with the code (including
forking it, making totally closed/private versions and even distributing these modified versions)
? And let (new) communities morph code and social contracts as they see fit.

Or do you fundamentally as the "owner" feel responsibility towards the 'code' - and grab the
moral high ground - and keep some level of control over that - as to ensure that both code
and community are viable & benefit long term. And then work very hard (but collectively)
from there on.

The ASF does the first (and allows others to do the latter by not 'caring' about that all
too much). IMHO the value of some other organizations are in their strength to do the latter.

Or in other words - a small aspect of the wider free beer vs free speech discussion. Or, the
one I like better, is one a carpenter - you make a most lovely roof - and do not care about
other (builders) building on to your work or owning it in any way - or are you a true artist
or architect - caring about your work and the IPR beyond the point it was gifted to an owner.


*: which can't be called by the original apache project name anymore - and liability shielding
applies for the code incorperated.

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