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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject Re: Bluesky calls for a new mentor!
Date Thu, 30 Jun 2011 01:37:47 GMT
Sorry, I'm going to pass on this.  During the entire time you guys have
been at the ASF you have not managed to develop *any* project governance
that could be charitably be described as open.  You are supposed to be doing
your development work in the ASF subversion repository, using ASF mailing
lists, as peers.  Looking at the (limited) commit history, there is a total
imbalance between the number of people associated with the development work 
and the number of people with Apache accounts here (2).  I don't see any 
to rectify this other than to say there are cultural issues at play and that
"from now on" you'll be using the mailing list to discuss *results*.  Frankly
this particular issue isn't something that can be written off so easily.

What we really need you to discuss are *plans*, how you will implement them,
who will implement them, and how you will collaborate in the codebase as peers.

That is what open development is all about, and the main reason why your mentors
are looking to shut down the project at this point.

----- Original Message ----
> From: Chen Liu <>
> To:
> Sent: Wed, June 29, 2011 9:12:37 PM
> Subject: Bluesky calls for a new mentor!
> Hi,all,
> Now, Bluesky project calls for a new mentor to guide us to  complete the
> release work of 4th version.
> BlueSky is an e-learning  solution designed to help solve the disparity in
> availability of qualified  education between well-developed cities and poorer
> regions of
> China  (e.g., countryside of Western China). BlueSky is already deployed to
> 12 + 5  primary/high schools with positive reviews.BlueSky was originally
> created by  Qinghua Zheng and Jun Liu in September 2005. The BlueSky
> development is being  done at XJTU-IBM Open Technology and Application Joint
> Develop Center, more  than 20 developers are involved. And it entered
> incubation on  2008-01-12.
> BlueSky is consisted with two subsystems -- RealClass system  and MersMp
> system, both of which contains a set of flexible, extensible  applications
> such as "Distance Collaboration System", "Collaboration  player",
> "Collaboration recording tool", "Resources Sharing and Management  Platform "
> and Access of mobile terminal, designed by engineers and educators  with
> years of experience in the problem domain, as well as a framework that  makes
> it possible to create new applications that exist with  others.
> Currently,Bluesky project has evolved into the 4th version system  with more
> flexible applications and stabilities. We had developed the  core
> applications of bluesky system with QT to support both Windows and  Linux.
> What's more important, the new version system has the feature of  integrated
> applications, which means that user can record a video during  the
> interactive process and then  play it in VOD method.The third  advancement is
> that the 4th version sysytem supports Android platform and we  can further
> advance Blursky in the mobile domain.
> We propose to move  future development of BlueSky to the Apache Software
> Foundation in order to  build a broader user and developer community. We hope
> to encourage  contributions and use of Bluesky by other developing countries
> with similar  education needs. Currently, the new version of BlueSky system
> is already  handy to release.We really need to add an enthusiastic and
> responsive mentor  to help us to complete full cycle of successful release.So
> we hope that with  the help of developers all around the world, the system
> could become more  powerful and functional in education area.
> We appreciate your attentions  to Bluesky project.
> Best regards.

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