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From Lee Fisher <>
Subject Re: ODF Toolkit Incubation Pre-Proposal
Date Mon, 27 Jun 2011 22:30:56 GMT
 > There is activity.  It just is not evenly distributed.

I presume the activity is more in the Java libraries. :-)

As for activity in the AODL, the .NET library:

The home page's link to source is broken.
points to:
"The page you were looking for doesn't exist."

The wiki was last updated in 2009.

The only msgs posted to the (dev, commits, issues) lists in 2011 were a 
set of 6 msgs by a spammer (off-topic). The one exception is Rob's 
posting the Apache incubation FYI to the dev list, no response to that msg.

Half of the bugs were last updated in 2009, the other half were updated 
in 2010.

The downloads were last modified "about 1 year ago". There are 3 current 
files to download, bin, src, and src_not_working. I don't understand the 
latter download.

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