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From Dan Haywood <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Apache Isis release candidate 0.1.2-RC4-incubating
Date Thu, 23 Jun 2011 05:42:56 GMT
Thanks for taking the time for reviewing.  Remarks within.

On 23/06/2011 02:25, sebb wrote:
> There's no NOTICE file at the top-level of the tag; it should appear
> alongside the LICENSE file.
As I understand it, what is being voted on is the source archive, not 
the tag.  There's therefore no need for a NOTICE as a checked-in file.

> It does appear in the source archive, which is supposed to be derived
> from SVN...
The source archive was generated using mvn release:prepare (the exact 
commands are documented in our contributors guide [1]), which creates 
the tag.  So there is a relationship between the two.  But the source 
archive isn't (and isn't required to be) a simple ZIP of the contents of 
a tag.

> The source archive contains lots of files that don't appear to be in
> SVN, including log files and some class files.
We are aware of this... they are part of some example modules that are 
not part of the top-level project and are not included if using "mvn 
clean install".  Their presence seems to be down to the way that mvn 
release:prepare creates the ZIP.  We intend to move these example 
modules to their own trunk in the future.

> Also lots of META-INF dirs and MANIFEST.MF files. These should not be present.
These are not checked into SVN, so again I think is due to how mvn 
release:prepare works.  They are all empty.

> Something has gone wrong with the packaging.
Not sure that it has... but if there is some tweak or setting that I've 
missed for the mvn plugins, I'll very happily apply it.

>> The code has been tagged as tags/0.1.2-RC4-incubating.
>> In addition, the Maven artifacts have been staged to staging repository on
>> *
> The NOTICE files in the jars don't have the correct project name - the
> Apache prefix is missing.
> For example, the file in applib-0.1.2-RC4-incubating-sources.jar says:
It would appear that mvn release:prepare uses the project name in the 
pom.xml, and you are right that this means that "Apache Isis" doesn't 
appear in all NOTICE files.  I can certainly fix this in the future, as 
(having googled) it would appear to be in violation of the guidance in 
[2].  That said, the guidance in [2] on NOTICE also including third 
party notices is also in fact wrong (the file shouldn't contain any 
third-party notices, [3]) so I don't think that [2] can be considered as 
a hard and absolute rule.

Sebb, thanks again for your time.  I expected to see a "-1" from you, 
but there was none: was this an oversight, or is it the case that you 
don't consider these issues as blockers?



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